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Affiliate TOS Page

Our Terms & Conditions

1. The goal of Infinity Services is to ensure financial well-being and assisting individuals achieve a stable financial status. It is for this reason that we emphasize on having members who have the same common goal of achieving their financial freedom. 

2. Infinity Services ecosystem and online network marketing aims at helping thousands of emaSwati and people across Southern Africa to achieve their financial freedom. When you create an account and accept these terms,  you become a member of our community. You will have an account that will allow you to get rewards in monetary form for viewing our adverts and inviting referrals.

3. We recognize how important it is for Infinity Services to be a place where people feel empowered and share ideas of the same common goal that made them to join this fast growing community. That is why we developed a set of Terms and Conditions that outlines what is allowed and what is not allowed in the platform:

(a) Please visit our office at Bhunu Mall for inquiries and clarity, there are a series of platforms in which you can communicate with support staff to get assistance in order to ensure smooth operation.

(b) Members are to adhere to the rules as outlined in the Marketing Plan in order to achieve their goals. That is;

(i) After registration, you unlock your membership with your E175 membership fee and grow from the first level to the last. Once a member has reached the last level (Director Status), his /her account is RESTARTED in order to keep the system rotating over and over again.

4. After being approved as a member, you then share the opportunity to your friends, relatives and social media in order to get 3 friends who will join and you start building your team. These 3 friends will bring their 3 friends so that you may all grow from the first stage to the last. This then gives the opportunity of working as a team to help each other find other prospects who will be interested in the opportunity. It also enables you to earn unlimited through the referral commission where you earn E20 referral bonus each time a member joins the platform using your referral link.

5. Our commitment to expression is paramount, but we recognize the internet creates new and increased opportunities of abuse and criminal activity. 

6. We work hard to account for the nuances that might arise while also applying our policies consistently and fairly to people and their expression. Remember, we are here for one common goal; ensuring financial security to everyone without exposure to any illegal activity.

7. If you fail to convinced three people to join it’s not our fault, it means you lost and if the people who join under your downlines fail to convinced their downlines. The level will be dismissed.